Sunday, April 26, 2015

SHOPKINS Season 2 toy Eggs, Play Doh Shopkins & Shopkins Magazine, plastilina Juguete Sorpresa

Its Shopkins, Shopkins, Shopkins today, I open 15 Shopkins surprise toy Eggs from Shopkins Season 2, yes Shopkins surprise Eggs! They are new and filled with 2 awesome surprise Shopkins characters from season 2 Shopkins.

And I look at the new Shopkins Magazine, issue 1. What Shopkins will we get inside the shopkins surprise eggs? Which ones from the Shopkins shopping list? The new Shopkins magazine is filled with shopkins surprises, puzzles, shopkins character coloring in, and shopkins competitions, plus a free shopkins! What do you think about my Shopkins Play doh shopping bag? I will be using my play doh shopkins bag to hold the shopkins magazine. The new Shopkins surprise eggs are only from season 2. Thanks for watching! :)

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