Monday, May 18, 2015

DIY Shopkins Storage with Season 3 Limited Edition Chelsea Charm

Find out how to make your favorite Shopkins character storage containers, I made 3 Shopkins characters - Season 1's Polly Polish, Season 2's Bart Beans and Season 3 Limited Edition Chelsea Charm. I show you what you'll need to make these awesome shopkins characters, they'll make a funky edition to any Shopkins mad toy collector and will go perfect along with all your other Shopkins toys in your room.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Official Season 3 Names and Characters - Excited, much? :D Beverley Heels is Genius! Hehe

Limited Edition:
Ruby Earing, Chelsea Charm, Ring-A-Rose, Ticky Tock, Brenda Brooch, Roxy Ring.

Stella Stapler, Snippy, Penny Pencil, Noni Notebook, Erica Eraser, Kelly Calculator, Rita Ruler, Secret Sally

Washa, Vicky Vac, Frost T Fridge, Blow-Anne, Tennie TV, Radio Sue, Chatter, Mobile Mary, Mixie & Maxie.

International Food:
Suzie Sushi, Humpty Dumpling, Lammy Lamington, Netti Spaghetti, Croissant D’Or, Fiona Fries,  Sconnie, Taco Terrie, Sausage Sizzle.

Fruit & Veg
Peachy, Wild Carrot, Sweet Pea, Pee Wee Kiwi, Aspara-Gus, Super Celery, Asbury Raspberry, Cherie Tomato.

Sweet Treats:
PopRock, Cream E Cookie, Macca Roon, Chocky Box, Wanda Wafer, Choc Kiss, Suzie Sundae, Candy Apple, Ginger Fred

Beverley Heels, Shoes-Anne, Jennifer Rayne, Molly Moccasin, Lizzy Lace-up, Sneaky Sally, Snug Ugg, Wilma Wedge.

Casper Cap, Hattie Hat, Flappy Cap, Brimmy,  Toni Topper, Shady, Bonnie Beret, Taylor Rayne.


Cheese Louise, Queen of Tarts, Patty Cake, Lana Banana Bread, Toastie Bread, Candy Cookie, Birthday Betty, Wendy Wedding Cake, Nilla Slice.

Frozen Coronation Anna Funko Pop Play doh Surprise Egg

This is my favorite Frozen Princess Anna Funko Pop, it is the Coronation Anna ,  I made her out of play doh and inside the surprise egg is filled with a variety of Disney Frozen goodies, like Mystery minis, Fashems, photocards and an Anna Pez.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shopkins Play Doh Wishes Shopkins Season 1 surprises, Kooky Cookie plush

Make a Shopkins wish on my giant play doh Wishes, the ultra rare, super cute season 1 Shopkins. Packed with 7 packs of Season 1 Shopkins, who will we get? I would love to get 3 Shopkins - Wishes, Kooky Cookie and Googy, and a Shopkins Limited Edition would be awesome too.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello Kitty Play Doh Egg Surprises, Hello Kitty Frenzies Huevos Sorpresa...

This is my ハローキティ Hello Kitty play doh surprise eggs, huevos sorpresa, packed with so many Hello Kitty Surprises, a Hello Kitty play doh egg with Tokidoki Hello Kitty Frenzies, and a toy surprise egg, a chocolate Hello Kitty with a surprise Mega Block blind bag,  a giant play doh Hello Kitty with Hello Kitty monster collection and Nanoblock, Hello Kitty blind bag bag tag, and so much more. I never realized there were so many Hello Kitty keyrings in all the surprises lol

Disney's Frozen & Frozen Fever Inspired Elsa Hand Jewelry Stand

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shopkins Season 3 Character Guess Game and Season 1, 5 Pack

Shopkins Season 3 Guessing game, what will the new season 3 characters be called? I drew some of the new shopkins characters and wrote down my guesses in my Shopkins journal. What do you think? I also open 2 packs of Shopkins season 1, 5 packs :)