Sunday, April 26, 2015

SHOPKINS SEASON 2 Surprise Egg and How to make a Shopkins display!

Cupcake Queen surprise egg is filled with loads of Shopkins surprises! Who will we get? And check out the coolest Shopkins display! For anyone who is Shopkins crazy! Season 2 Shopkins! Shopkins So cool fridge, supermarket and much more!

Shopkins are super cute small characters that live in a big shopping world. Find your Shopkins inside adorable shopping bags, there are aisles of fun shopping themes to collect. This Shopkins 12 pack features 12 characters, 2 of which are hidden, 4 shopping bags, a shopping basket and a collector's guide. There are over 100 different Shopkins characters per series, brought to life as the cutest collectible characters. Look out for the special finish Ultra Rare characters. Can you guess which ones we will get in these blind baskets? Will it be from the Pantry, Homewares, Desserts, Bakery, Shoes, Special Edition Babies, Limited Edition, Cleaning and Laundry, Appliances or Fruit and Veg? I cant wait to find out!

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